Thursday, February 26, 2015

Networking Interview Questions

NTFS Permission

Q1. Name the three file systems for installation partition?
  • NTFS
  • FAT
  • FAT32
Q2. What are the benefits of using NTFS?
  • Better scalability to large drives
  • Active directory to view and control network resources
  • Compression features
  • File encryption
  • Permissions on individual files rather than just folders
  • Remote storage
  • Recovery logging of disk activities
  • Disk qoutas
Q3. List the standard NTFS folder permissions?
  • Full control
  • Modify
  • Read and Execute
  • List folder content
  • Read
  • Write
Q4. What is Access Control List (ACL) ?
  • ACL is a list of all the user accounts and groups that have been granted or denied access to a file or a folder. When a user attempts to gain access to a resource, the ACL must contain an access control entry for the user account or a group to which the user belongs.
Q5. What is effective permission for a resource?
  • Effective permissions for a resource are the sum of the NTFS permissions that you assign to the individual user account and groups to which the user belongs
Q6. Do file permissions override folder permissions?
  • Yes, NTFS file permissions take priority over NTFS folder permissions.
Q7. If you do not have the permission to access the folder but have the permission on the file, then how will you access the file?
  • You need to know the full path of the file to access it when you do not have a folder level permission.
Q8. Does the Deny permission override all permissions?
  • Yes
Q9. Explain NTFS permission inheritance?
  • NTFS permissions inheritance implies that the permissions assigned to a parent folder are inherited and propagated to the subfolders and files contained in the parent folder.
Q10. How can you prevent permission inheritance?
  • You can prevent permission inheritance by setting an option of preventing inheritance at parent folder level.
Q11. Where do permissions assigned to CREATOR OWNER group apply?
  • The permission assigned to the CREATOR OWNER group apply only to the files and the subfolders in the folder to which permissions are assigned and not to the folder itself.
Q12. List the basic guidelines to follow while assigning NTFS permisions
  • Grant users only the level of access they require
  • Assign group membership based on access to resources
  • Deny permissions only when it is essential.
Q13. If an employee leaves an organization, what should be done to transfer the ownership of his/her files and folders to another employee?
  • Log in as administrator
  • Assign ownership permissions to another employee
  • Notify the employee that he/she has been given special permissions to take ownership of files and folders of the ex-employee
Q14. Which special permission enables you to browse through a folder, if you do have permission to access it?
  • Traverse folder permission