Friday, September 21, 2012

Recover deleted object using Recycle Bin GUI in server 2012

Recover deleted object using Recycle Bin GUI in server 2012

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As in my previous post i have explained how we can recover deleted object using recycle bin feature of server 2008 R2 using Powershel.You can go through that post by clicking here.

Now here we will see how we can recover the deleted object using recycle bin GUI feature of server 2012.

By default AD recycle Bin is disabled in the AD environment, you have to enable it.

Below are few requirements that must be completed to use the feature.

1.  At least one Domain Controller running Windows Server 2012
2.  All Domain Controllers must be running Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.
3. The FFL must be at minimum of windows Server 2008 R2 functional level.

Here in my scenerio i am having only on DC (i.e having windows 2012 installed on it and having FFL and DFL on server 2012.

After you are having the FFL and DFL 2012 , then you can enable to the Recycle Bin GUI feature.

To do this you must go through the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC).Just got o ADAC and click on the server name on the left side and you will see  "Enable Recycle Bin" on the right side.
just click on this and it will prompt you to enable this

Note:- You can not disable the Recycle bin once you enabled it.

Once you enable this ,by clicking on the server name , in the middle pane you will see one object container i.e. "Deleted Objects". I have deleted one user i.e. vijay from my AD, so here we will reocver that user.

Double click on the deleted objects container and then you will be able to see all the deleted objects.
Right click on the object you want to restore and then click on restore.

After this process your deleted object will be live in the AD again.

Note:- All the group membership remain same after recovering the deleted objects

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